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Me wants! Me wants!
Unfortunately, they're still absurdly expensive! Oh well. I can either start saving, or get one of the lower end models. Or get the iMac which I've been considering for nearly a year now. I need a new mac either way. Do you know if the iMacs are getting upgraded soon? if they are, I'm going to wait and get one one the newer ones.
I'd hold out until the G5s, but those keep getting pushed back, that by the time they come out, I'll want a new mac again anyway ;)

Re: oh hell yeah!

A lot of people were expecting iMac/eMac improvements at this expo, but I think any short-term upgrades will be speed-bumps at best. If anything, I'd expect iBook to be dragged out of the G3 era before long.

Naturally, I'm holding out for an iMac with 23" HD Cinema Display attached. Either that, or a sub-£1000 17" PowerBook G4. ;)

And I was becoming so used to calling it the TiBook...

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