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because I say so

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I spoke to a really nice Irish bloke at the Apple Store just now, to confirm a bunch of stuff about the finance promotion in light of this morning's PowerBook announcements. (All of Apple UK's sales and support operations are based in Cork, I think.) So far, this is what I know:
  • Yes, I can apply for 0% interest finance over ten months on the new PowerBooks;
  • Yes, I can build to order (so that'll be a 15" PowerBook G4, with a 1.25GHz G4 processor, one 1GB DDR333 SDRAM chip, and a 5400rpm 80GB Ultra ATA HD then);
  • No, I can't bundle peripherals into the order, just a three-year protection plan (no £120 rebate for bundling an iPod, then);
  • No, there's nothing stopping me from ordering these peripherals separately (Airport Extreme, here I come);
  • Yes, payments start when the order is dispatched, giving me a little leeway given the estimated 4-6 week build time on the 17" PowerBook;
  • They close at 6pm tonight.
So, my intentions are as follows:
  • Buy the PowerBook and protection plan over the phone ASAP before the promotion expires at the end of the month;
  • Buy the Airport Extreme Base Station separately at a shop, if I can get a deal on it;
  • Whore myself for a 40GB iPod for Christmas.
Sounds like a plan!

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Mmm. whoring.

/me wants new computer now, but a) no money b) this one's only a year old. meh.

Yay for new computer though! ^^

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