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Following yesterday's excitement...

...a couple of picture albums to feast on!

First, there's a more detailed timeline of yesterday morning's keynote, which comes in useful seeing as there was no webcast or stream accessible after the event. Moving onto the delectable 15" PowerBook G4, there's an albumful of photos of it being shown off at the Expo, and even one where a shop-bought 15" is unpacked.

If you haven't already filled out the poll from yesterday, please do. As I write, the 15" PBG4 is winning at a nail-biting ten votes to nine!

At the moment, I'm having a hard time justifying the extra £300 involved in choosing the 17" PowerBook over the 15". The ports in both are virtually the same, just in a slightly different order; the 15" now has the backlit keyboard, a big reason I didn't want to buy it before yesterday; and even the extra screen real-estate isn't that much around the edges. I made a scaled-down mockup which you can see below. The black area represents the extra real-estate the 17" screen offers to the (white) 15" area within.

[location location location - oh, not that kind of real estate]

Aside from that, there's the speed bump the 17" offers over the 15", which I worked out at around 80MHz, or 0.08GHz. ...Wow?

I'll have a look over all the evidence later today and try and make a confident decision before 6pm.

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