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A big thank you is owed to those of you who helped me decide in the purchase of my new PowerBook. In the end, the 15" PowerBook captured exactly half of the total number of poll votes, with the remaining either undecided or deciding on the 17". While this was a contributing factor in my eventual decision, I also had a hard time justifying the decision to spend an extra £300 on the marginal processor and screen improvements the 17" offered, considering almost everything else was identical. Finally, a special thank you to foxmagic, whose insightful philosophy helped tip the scales in favour of the 15".

The 15-inch PowerBook G4

As an unemployed student, I needed a secondary source of income in order to apply for the 0% interest financing deal on this new PowerBook, so I had to wait for Dad to get home before I could call up the Apple Store and place my order. After a short wait where we listened to Enya hold music (those crazy Irish folks), I placed the order: a 1.25GHz 15.2" PowerBook G4 with the one 1GB DDR333 SO-DIMM SDRAM chip, the 5400rpm 80GB HD, the ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 with 64MB RAM and the rest as standard, plus a 3-year warranty. When the guy read out the total order price, it was much less than the price quoted on the "Education" Apple Store web site; the "sales agent" explained that this was because I benefitted from the extra Higher Education discounts. Sweet, I thought; so I bundled a wireless mouse, and still came up with an order cheaper by £155.75 ($250).

"Sales agent" peep then handed me over to the "finance agent" peep, who asked to speak to Dad. Numerous personal and financial details were read out, and a slight misunderstanding over the monthly price occurred when the finance guy tacked on £205.70 ($330) as insurance on the finance without my prior knowledge. Oh well, at least I'm not accruing any interest. A short wait while the financing decision was made, and financing was approved. I think what happens now is we get the finance forms in the post, which Dad signs and returns, upon which my order is processed, built and dispatched.

If I can extend my current feeling of disbelief over the two or three weeks it'll take for the thing to arrive, I won't suffer from a massive amount of anticipation and I'll be really psyched when the thing gets here.

Thanks again, guys and gals!

Update 03:06: seventy-five frames per second on a 1024x768 "high quality" fly-by in UT2003, and a hundred and two fps on the Quake 3 demo running at 1024x768 "high quality"? Oh, hell yeah.
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