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Change of plans
I don't know how I'm feeling right now, aside from the state of disbelief I'm in over my computer purchase and LJ support.

Dad's had a change of heart about the financing promotion, and now wants to pay the full amount up-front using his debit card to save the £205 or so I would have otherwise paid in finance insurance over the ten months. This will make a huge dent in their savings account almost immediately, and I'm going to have to transfer about a thousand pounds straight away from my own account to soften the blow. Still, I'm glad I didn't go to him to talk about the finance promotion before Tuesday, else I would have been stuck with an older-generation TiBook.

While I wait for the computer to arrive, I keep finding tidbits related to it. Apple posted a 15-minute QuickTime stream featuring the main announcements of Tuesday's Jobs keynote, but that tells no-one anything more than they already knew. More worthy of note is Apple's own photo gallery of the event, featuring lots of fun pictures of new kit from the various vendors. And last but certainly not least, the new 15" AlBook has already been disassembled and photographed.

Thursday night I was promoted in LJ support. I took it in completely the wrong way and felt terrible for much of the next day. When I finally started to work with my new privileges I had help and second opinions along the way, and yet I still managed to screw up an approval and had to defend a separate approval decision. Still... bah.

I don't know what to do. There's nothing I really want to do any more.

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Support'll be OK, if you want it to be, just give it some time. We're all human and all make mistakes.


Does it help that you're continually one of the most fascinating people on my friends page
often because you very strongly just go out and get it done?

"go out and get it done"? I'm confused.

YOU: check out and contribute to livejournal support
(I just troll)
you evaluate and make computer purchases,
YOU: dee-jay (I used to)
YOU: red nose day -

Dude, (I say that too much) you aint a real SH until:

1) You screw up approving.
2) You get bitched at in HS by someone going "waaaah, the nasty priv didnt approve me".
3) Send IC as answer, comment as IC, etc.

Me and Ela are constantly bouncing approvals off each other, if we're not 100% sure on something, "Pssst, does request foo look okay to you?" And I still grab comms people every now and then too. SH's are a team, use the team. Yah.

So doot doot. Not much else to say...
*cookie* <3 and "yay computer!" :)

That makes me feel better.

Sometimes I feel as if supporthelps are expected to know everything and to be confident of their answers 100% of the time.

I have quite a bit of respect for your experience and Ela's, so hearing that you sometimes ask for a second opinion is comforting.

Thursday night I was promoted in LJ support.

Congratulations [I guess].

I took it in completely the wrong way and felt terrible for much of the next day.

Why did you feel terrible?

- - -

Things will get better, hopefully. Just follow the suggestions above and you'll do fine! Good luck.

Aaron, there's no "I guess" about it. What jc's accomplished in half the time we have is awesome.

Be Happy. We're the normal ones, and HE'S the bot.

*Huggles for all*

That's not how the "I guess" was meant to be taken. JC has always been (and he knows this) someone that I'm worried about based on the amount of time that he spends/used to spend on the board. I don't think it's healthy to devote all of your time to volunteering for a website. It is not *that* important. Becoming a supporthelp is a great accomplishment, and I congratulate him on it. I just don't want to see him spending hours and hours and hours on the support board. Real life is more fun and more fulfilling.

This doesn't mean that he is or isn't spending too much time on the board, it means that he used to and I'm still worried about him. :)

aaron, if you knew me better you'd know I have no life.

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