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No more Enya

Yes, that's right, I no longer have to listen to my Enya albums. Instead, I can just ring up the Apple Store and wait on hold.

Mum came home at lunchtime and gave me the go-ahead to transfer the required amount from the savings account to the current account and have the order changed. Transfer took a few minutes (yay Internet banking), so I phoned up the Apple Store.

After waiting on hold to speak to the aftersales people about changing my order, I was told I'd have to speak to sales to place a new, replacement order. Cue transfer to another hold queue, and about ten minutes more waiting. The order was replaced, the details were confirmed and Mum's debit card details were read out. Of course, I now had to speak to aftersales again to cancel my original order, no big hurry because they were expecting a wire transfer from MBNA, the loan company, for that one. Cue transfer to a third hold queue.

I spent two hours on hold with the call on speakerphone, before giving up and redialling. This time when I followed the options to have a not-yet-received order cancelled, I was directed to an answering machine which asked me if I wanted to leave a message. I didn't. I was disconnected. Ha! They obviously didn't like having orders cancelled, so on the third try I chose the "all other enquiries" option. Ten minutes later, the order is cancelled and the call ends. Sweeeet.

This time when I check the order progress for the new order, I'm hoping to see an indication that payment's been processed and the computer's being built.

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