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Poll #183981 New domain name!

I want to set up a new web site which I can link to from my LJ. Any ideas as to what the domain name should be? (Example: foobar.net. Results will be kept private until the time comes to vote between the best, if I don't see an immediate favourite.)

Out of the running already, due to their registered status:
  • the example foobar.net
  • jayo.com/net/org
  • blingbling.com

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Letting others pick your domain name is always a good thing. That's how I ended up with kam-ara.net, got some crackin' suggestions for other random things too :D

How long do we have to wait for the final decision


I've actually already decided, and am in the process of registering two domains. Stay tuned, as it were.

surely we can know now?!

When do we get to know your new domain names?
Or should I start trawling google etc and find out myself? :P

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