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Service, or lack of it
frustration, computer problems, oops
I probably should give Royal Mail more credit instead of calling their mail-handling employees thieving looting bastards, but when Kerrang magazine is meant to get here on a Wednesday, and this week's issue was the first in a while to come with a free CD, you can't help thinking when it hasn't arrived come Friday that somebody's stolen it along the way.

Sure enough, I phoned up the subscriptions department yesterday to check, and heard that a number of other subscribers had reported issues missing. I didn't dwell on whether or not this meant that everyone else who reported their issue missing just wanted a second free CD, but regardless the nice lady tacked on an extra issue to my subscription and asked me to buy this week's issue in the shops as they had no more copies left to send out.

I decided to wait until tomorrow before going out to the shops to buy my copy, and it's just as well I did, as it arrived this morning. Three days late. (*grits teeth*)

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I am in two worlds as to whether Royal Mail is actually a good company, or as good as they were. I've had my fair share of damaged goods from them. Most notable a jiffy bag that I think had been dragged all the way accross the floor of the sorting office ripping a massive hole in the jiffy bag and scraping the hell out of a CD case. Fortunately the CD was unharmed, but it did kind of leave me bitter.
2nd time I got damaged goods it was an international package...from Canada. The package came in a nice little Royal mail bag with the remains of the envelope which had practically been shredded. Some of the letter....and 1 broken chop stick. This time it really infuriated me and I wend down to the post office and got a complaint letter.
It really gets upsetting when you entrust your goods to a company and they fail you badly....every time.

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