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Quick note to say I've been ultra-busy over the past couple of days, doing something about not being able to access my favourite interactive radio station It involves a lot of coding in an obscure language, but saves me from having to ask a Windows-using friend to go there when I want to know what's currently playing.

I tell you, that site takes the award for biggest amount of unnecessary JavaScript used. Not to mention the Java applet, which even manages to crash Internet Exploder Mac on occasion. The site rejects Mozilla, any browser that doesn't support Java and/or any browser that doesn't support JavaScript.

What I'm actually doing is creating an interface: calling the actual relevant pages, then parsing them to use absolute <A HREF> tags etc. I might move onto more enhanced functionality later, but for now it's just look-only.

Still, it's a damn sight cleaner code than their own offering, and it even passes as valid HTML according to the 4.01 spec.

Back to work!
Tags: hacking, icelandic radio, javascript, mivascript,, radio

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