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I sold my soul in return for a free popcorn maker
It's true.

The past few days have been manic, as Freshers' Week brings lots of Societies Fayres and the annual drive to recruit fresh blood to my local society/radio station. On Wednesday I spent some time in the studio before being booted over to the main societies fayre to do a lot of talking for four hours, and on the Thursday I spent five hours in the studio answering questions from the people who actually bothered to turn up.

Today was my own uni's fayre, so I took a break from manning the stall to browsing the others, whoring for freebies. I walked away with, among other things, a free popcorn maker. I was entitled to this large freebie because I signed up for a student credit card.

Yes, a credit card. My first.

My reasons for applying for a credit card are simple; some web sites don't accept my debit card, and I don't want to keep borrowing my folks' credit cards when I have money in the bank and the option of having my own card. It'll never leave the house, so there's no real security risk, and I'll never spend more than I can afford.

I know people make such promises and break them almost immediately, but I've never truly been in debt before and I don't particularly want to start any time soon.

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Hm, didn't you have something in your userinfo about that? Ah, yes: I don't own a credit card, and I want to live as much of my life as possible without owning one.

That being said, your approach to credit cards sounds much like mine. I got mine primarily to use over the web, not so I have a credit limit. (And indeed, my first credit card was essentially a debit card, and my current one still dips straight from my bank account, though only once a month, not nearly straight away like my first one.)

And I generally manage to keep track of how much money is in my personal bank account and subtract mentally things I buy with my credit card so the money will be there at the end of the month when the CC settlement comes.

Re: credit cards

That line in my userinfo will stick right up until I'm holding the card in my hands. A nice feature of the card though is its online management system, whereby you can check how much you owe at any time. I still feel bad about giving into the scheme, but I'm not letting myself worry about the whole business too much.

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