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because I say so

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rock on
The past few days have been of little excitement as I recover from my illness of last week. Mostly coughing.

I know foxmagic will be interested in this, though; it's a QuickTime broadcast of Apple's recent music event, where it announced new iPod accessories, and a long-awaited Windows version of iTunes which kicks MusicMatch and similar apps into the dust. There's going to be a sweet Pepsi cross-promotion too, where 100 million songs on the iTunes Music Store will be given away on winning bottle caps.

Not a lot else to report yet. Because I still haven't received my new PowerBook yet, I qualify for the Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther" up-to-date program, where I get to buy the new OS for just £14 ($23.40) as opposed to £99 ($165.64). A random person in IRC was cruelly referred to a rather appropriate cartoon by jpallan, and it served as a reminder that I have to start watching that comic.

Although this computer has now been up almost 13 days (yay Mac OS X), I don't think I'll take any chances as foxmagic leeches all of my available upstream bandwidth. Enjoy!

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Thank you for having let me leech your bandwidth! :-D

You're more than welcome. Ah, the joys of unrestricted TCP/IP traffic...

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