CAPS LIKE WHOA (jc) wrote,

It's fun what you can do with MivaScript, despite a lack of all-important case statements. Multiple IF-ELSE statements can become tiring.

In the course of my current little project (which is still taking ages because of the number of pages, decisions and triggers involved) I've learnt how to manipulate the HTTP Request Headers to offer the required cookies when the script requests a remote document, and also how to detect Set-Cookie statements in the HTTP headers of a requested page and pass those cookies onto the end user, so it can then retrieve those cookies and pass them back to the remote site when needed, like a middle man.

All this so I can choose a couple of crummy tracks to play on a radio station, only because its web site includes so much unnecessary programming. Sad, too, because a lot of the underlying functionality's provided by nice, easy perl scripts. Sigh.
Tags: hacking, icelandic radio, mivascript,, radio

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