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not yours

because I say so

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Obligatory test post for the new post-by-e-mail feature...
...and this one even includes an image tag!


Web Edit 11:52: This post was brought to you by LiveJournal's new "Post by E-mail" feature, available to Early Adopter and Paid/Permanent accounts. Doesn't support HTML-only e-mail, security settings or current mood/music... yet. Does however support HTML in the subject and body, as I just confirmed above. See the relevant news post for details.

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Hey there, just wondering if I can add you to my list, and you add me in return. =]

Holy shit, how did this one get lost in my inbox?

Welcome to my journal of drivel; terribly sorry about the really really long delay in responding to you.

Ah, quite alright. Just seeing if I could make a new LJ friend. Or, add one, rather.

thanks for your answer in the support. I wanted to answer you there, but there was no way, or I was clumsy and I closed it too fast.


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