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Network Fart
I've encountered two separate networking problems in the course of configuring stuff today. The short version is, I've had my fill and everything's OK now, barring a minor software conflict that can't be avoided. The long version, well...

When I first got this computer, and I encountered and solved my first problem with the wireless networking base station, I marvelled at how I was able within iTunes to stream my existing music library from the old computer, via a 10Mb Ethernet cable to the wired DSL Ethernet router, a 100Mb cable to the wireless base station, and the air between that and my PowerBook. Shortly thereafter, I lost that capability; nothing I tried would make iTunes see the older computer.

I took some time out today to diagnose this problem, and it didn't take me long to figure out what was actually preventing iTunes from sharing between the two computers. When iTunes version 4 was initially introduced, it let users make their entire music libraries available for streaming to any other Internet-connected computer in the entire world. The users quickly caught on and developed a new method of file sharing, which piggybacked on this "streaming" system. For a time, it was good. Until, of course, Apple realised what was going on and disabled the networking features in an incremental update.

With version 4.1, sharing was reintroduced but restricted to machines on the same subnet. A quick comparison between the two Network System Preference panes revealed that the two laptops were indeed on different subnets, but it took me a bit more digging to find out why. Turns out I had for some reason activated the wireless base station's own DHCP server, which was forced to operate on a different subnet due to the wired router's existing DHCP pool. A quick read and re-read of an Apple Discussions thread made me realise this.

When I restarted the new PowerBook, I found myself unable to access my wireless network. So, I plugged directly into the Base Station and it told me to update the station's software. I did that, and everything was OK again. I disabled the Base Station's DHCP, and voilá! My PowerBook was back on the same subnet, the iTunes brothers could see each other, and everything was peachy.

Unrelated to this networking problem is one created by Virtual PC. The way Virtual PC gives its "virtual machines" Internet access is by sharing the host computer's connection via its own firewall. This means that while Virtual PC is running, Mac OS X won't let me configure its built-in Firewall because "Other firewall software is already running". I suppose I can live with that.

In other news, I have a ticket to see tomorrow's initial 2pm showing of The Matrix: Revolutions, and I intend to use it. I hope to share the (spiritual?) experience with others who'll be watching it at the same time as me; I know asciident is dragging supersat out to the 6am showing somewhere in Seattle. Anybody else planning an early or late start to see this first synchronous showing?

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I am very pissed off about this whole Matrix BS. It looks like there were several showings here today, a whole day in advance. I feel ripped off.

At least the tickets were cheap, and the 6 AM show isn't sold out.

Last week while browsing the Warner Village ordering site, I noticed a 12 midday showing scheduled for Wednesday, before the official release. It was grayed out as long as a week ago, which led me to assume it had already sold out. Seems however that it was purposely grayed out as it just wasn't available in the first place; this holds more weight considering only two "official" showings are sold out even now, and neither of them is the first showing I'm going to in less than 10 hours...

follow the white rabbit....

If the synchronous showing is at 6am in Seatle that means it's probably like 2am where I am on the East Coast. Ugh. No thanks ;)

But I WILL be heading to one of the first showings during the day tomorrow. I can't wait. Kinda giddy about it :) Not only am I looking forward to the movie, but its also sort of the 'kickoff' for the holiday movie season ;) Matrix, Master and Commander, Last Samauri, Return of the King. Merry Christmas to us! :D

Some Wonderland you live in!

Buh? Washington's on the west coast, three hours behind you. First east coast showing is therefore at 9am, silly. :P


Re: Some Wonderland you live in!

Oh yeah :)

This is what happens when the weather changes from 82 degrees to 45 degrees in the span of less than 48 hours ;) LOL

does things to your head.....yeah.....

that's still too early for my lazy ass :)
although maybe if i stay up all night....mwahahah.....

Anybody else planning an early or late start to see this first synchronous showing?

I shall be at the Cinema in Stirling at 2PM this afternoon to see it. Thank goodness I have Wednesday's off Uni :)

I'm just running off to a 12:15 lecture now, which gives me about 45 minutes to travel six miles from uni to the cinema to get there in time...

/me pouts. My Matrix obsessed flatmate is going today, she's in Newcastle at the moment, on placement and Wednesday afternoon is free time, so she's going.

/me is horribly horribly jealous. She knows it though, so she's making up for it and we're going to see it on Saturday after having a huge matrix fest in the flat. Mmmm, shiney.

There is nothing more I hate than a busy full cinema on opening day/ night for a film. I think I'm going to hold off watching this till then end of the week when the whole hype has calmed down and there are only a dribble of people within the theatre.

Re: Revolutions

Can you wait that long without (accidentally or otherwise) coming across spoilers?

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