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Remember that shell script I talked about yesterday? Well, it produced some results. 544MB of results, to be precise.

To be fair, that consists of about 20,000 images captured over an 18-hour period from six cameras located around Times Square. After much processor guzzling, a fun and free application called Framed compiled a QuickTime movie, hundreds of megs in size, of a series of these images. I'm pleased to announce that there are three of these movies available immediately for your enjoyment. (14.49 MB) - the view outside TGI Fridays on Times Square, from 4pm New Year's Eve to 9:20am New Year's Day (10.11 MB) (10.25 MB) - two views showing the crowds from either side on Times Square, from 4pm New Year's Eve to midday on New Year's Day. Play them synchronised and you should see things moving from one camera to the other!

More movies featuring different views as I can be bothered.
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