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Fun with nicknames

When I started frequenting a certain popular IRC network more than five years ago, I registered my nickname - jc - with their NickServ to prevent other people using it when I wanted to use it. I thought nothing more of it, because I was in my own little channel and nothing existed outside of it. At the moment, this network serves more than 35,000 users.

I'd just like to share an amusing message log from when I was asleep, as an example of the kind of communication I see from random users nowadays.

Mon Jan 5 21:50:24 2004
msg(Matrix\Afk) jc
msg(Matrix\Afk) are u here
msg(Matrix\Afk) so listen
msg(Matrix\Afk) i have some nick and i like ur nick very much coz it mean my 1st & 2 sc name
msg(Matrix\Afk) if u want trade i give u all nick'z i have

Well, whaddaya know, I also happen to like my nick very much for the very same reason. Small world!
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