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because I say so

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Oooh, ahhh, etc.
rock on
I'm currently watching the live stream of Steve Jobs' Macworld San Francisco Keynote, played on the large TV in the living room via my computer, which is using the TV as a second screen. I only mention this because earenwe is missing out on John Mayer playing a keyboard, on stage, through Apple's new GarageBand app. Neat, huh?

Update 18:30: Ooo, and the guitar, using the Mac as a pre-amp!

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I missed John Mayer?! Pooh. I'll have to watch it later, the same way I watched Sarah's performance later when they were talking about Panther. At least I think it was Panther.

What'd he sing? And he played a keyboard? Weird. *ponder*

I am watching this *RIGHT* now too ;)
T'is such a cool *app* that Mr Jobs is demoing.
No doubt he's using it on a G5 with Dual 2 Ghz processors?
That looping stuff looooooks soo good to play with.

I missed out on this cause the moment it ran and you posted I was helping another friend in need here on LJ.
Thanks anyways!!

If you follow the link, the stream's now being played on a loop so you can still catch it.

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