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Vitriol, part two
frustration, computer problems, oops
It didn't help as I was on my way home, mulling over the bad news, to catch sight of a billboard in the corner of my eye. The billboard depicted Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer, and advertised the return of 24 to UK screens next month.

I didn't believe my heart could sink any further than it had already, until I saw the logo in the corner of the advertisement.

yep, Sky One.

God damnit. I've already talked about this in my journal when the BBC lost the terrestrial TV rights to the show, and the implications inherent in a move from the BBC to a satellite-only channel such as Sky One. If you read the Guardian article on Sky's press release, which annoyingly has been around for almost a month now, you'll notice the following two paragraphs:
    Sky One is expected to sell on the terrestrial rights to the show and Channel Five is thought to be the most likely bidder.

    However, Sky One is understood to be insisting on a six-month delay on screening the show on terrestrial TV, which is likely to reduce the amount potential buyers will want to pay.
This is exactly what I predicted in my previous journal entry on this matter. Worse, Digital Spy reported a day later that five has no intention of buying the terrestrial rights from Sky.

I fucking hate this country's television industry. Now, please excuse me while I go and download the rest of the series via BitTorrent. Fox, I fucking dare you to sue me.

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*joins in moaning about 24*


god fucking damnit. i can't even get 5, so i'm going to have to find someone to download them for me, because i can't even use bittorrent here. currently on the look out for episode 3, if you have it...

I'll be your relay for the whole series, if need be. I'm still on IRC, so I can just /msg you whenever I get a new episode.

fantastic :D have you got ep 3? though my transfer rate is going to be really quite slow over dcc, it's not my connection. http would be better, if that's possible.

Yeah, HTTP can consume my max of 30kb/s, and OS X comes with Apache built in, don'cha know. ;)

I've only seen eps 1 and 2, so I'd be starting from 3. I'll start the transfer now, and if it's done before I go I'll e-mail you the URL and leave the web server on over the weekend.

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