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not yours

because I say so

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Not too far away from the cottage now; elevation's about 1300ft at the mo.

Best part? IT'S SNOWING!

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Hell, if you wanted snow, you need have only just asked. I have plenty here.

gimme gimme gimme !
I want snow. I want a good reason not to go to work ! :P

Is this the part where we tell jayo how we feel in ten words or less?


and just to let you know, the URLs you memoserved me didnt work :s

I made fairly sure the second one did work, but I can't find out the correct address until Sunday thanks to my router's stupid routing my SSH port to the wrong internal address.

Try looking for spaces (%20) in the URL where there shouldn't and should be, and just play around with the URL until you find a working combination.

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