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Another news round-up
Notable articles gathered from three days in the life of my friends page...

Any horrifically illiterate Microsoft customers would have to be also seriously visually (and mentally) impaired to not be able to tell any difference between Mike Rowe's web site and microsoft.com itself. Any multi-billion dollar company that offers a 17-year old ten bucks for his domain name is worthy of an almighty smackdown in this case. Update 11:36: I beat The Register again! Jeez. Here's their article on the subject.</edit>

"Canadian teen singer Avril Lavigne's hit single about a teenage girl who rejects a skater boy is to be adapted into a feature film. Paramount Pictures has hired ER writer/producer David Zabel to adapt the words of the song Sk8ter Boi into a movie, according to the Hollywood Reporter." Aaaagh, repent your sins before it's too late!

"Ten Canadian letter carriers who refused to deliver the mail in temperatures hovering around minus 40 degrees Celsius (minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit) could be disciplined, officials said on Friday." There was one time in Iceland when the Icelandic Met. office issued a weather warning right before I was meant to go and deliver a second load of mail. Now, the Icelandic Met. office only issues weather warnings when the weather has the potential to kill you. I was actually told to go home with all the mail I was meant to deliver, and deliver it the next day; even so, the residents saw me on the Saturday morning trudging through 4ft of snow and complained that I hadn't delivered on the Friday afternoon. Grar.

The infamous domain name goatse.cx has been suspended! The world really has gone mad.

Disney is quietly selling the town of Celebration, FL. I wonder, does foxmagic know about this?

Nothing much else interesting going on.

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(Deleted comment)
Expanding the lyrics of a three-minute song into a feature length film? The mind boggles.

Do I know about it? Why, I'm part of the deal! ;)

Are there many stories or pieces of info and gossip about the deal that you can share with your friends?

Nono -- as in, I'm being sold along with the town!

*shows off my barcode and my pricetag*

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