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not yours

because I say so

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Random friending of the month
joe front
Maxing out your friends list by adding 750 users as "friends" within two days of creating your account.

I ask you, masochist_molly: what's your point?

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Heyo, jc. Uhm. I'm not sure she has a point. Hello, anyway.

If I try not to be too random may I add you?


I can't guarantee I'll add you back, but you're welcome to add me. Out of interest, how did you find me?

Fair enough.

I found you though our mutual intrest in student radio, you are among the best of the bunch so far.


Ooo, way to earn brownie points!

I've just had a glance over your public entries, and you seem more than worthy. So, welcome. :)

Why thankyou kind Sir.

I look forward to reading you.


(Deleted comment)
I really don't care whether people comment in my journal or not, and it certainly has no bearing on who stays on my friends list. I still post publicly every once in a while, and I do still make a point of visiting your journal to catch up with the latest events.

And that's the truth.

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