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not yours

because I say so

Time I wrote one of these.

I'm somewhat good at web design, but I do none of that in my IT jerb. I used to help out in support, but I don't any more. Please don't leave comments in my gerbil or send me messages asking for help because I'll just tell you where to go.

I'm single, and have no real social life or skills to speak of, but I don't consider myself a creep. I don't have a personal web site of my own because I have no content and I'm too picky when it comes to design, which is a recipe for disaster in any designer's book. This journal will do in the meantime.

I personally don't think my journal is interesting enough to watch on a regular basis, but friends of friends have a difference of opinion on occasion.

pne has my eternal gratitude for buying me my first two months of paid time. I probably owe kamara sexual favours for buying me the second two months, but she'll have to settle for my eternal gratitude too. :p

Eventually a lot of pretty colours and graphics will show up in this bio, but for now I'll leave it like this.

Click for Edinburgh, United Kingdom Forecast

Emergency contact information is no longer available; I don't think our Russian overlords have much need for them.