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It's just as well I conducted that interview the day before I had my top two wisdom teeth extracted.

In news that will benefit any potential suitors, I have true Viking teeth. So said my dentist yesterday, who had a hell of a job trying to wrench those infernal teeth out of their sockets. I was under local anaethesia at the time, so the only thing I felt was the sound of things cracking during extraction and the pain as a result of my mouth being stretched six ways to Sunday.

Three hours later, and I'm spitting blood every five seconds while my entire skull just aches from the tension. Two hours of that and I relent to taking ibuprofen to relieve the pain coming from my entire head, save for the actual sockets...

My skull's recovered now, but my mouth still hurts like hell. I can't do much more than talk, but by tomorrow I should be able to start rinsing my mouth out with water again.