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Definition of "choice"

I've refrained from posting about this until now, not just because I couldn't contain my simultaneous laughter and annoyance but also because I wanted to wait to see what the AtAT crew had to say about the whole mess. And boy, did they come up with a winner.
Hooooo, mama-- we'd have broadcast this a lot earlier if we'd had half a chance in Hades of being able to stop laughing for more than three seconds straight.

You know this whole thing with RealNetworks whining incessantly for months that Apple "won't let us sell music that plays on the iPod, boo hoo hoo"? Well, did you think it had all come to a dramatic climax with the company's recent revelation that it had essentially hacked its way onto the iPod all by its lonesome? Yeah, so did we-- and boy howdy, were we ever wrong, because Real just unleashed a true sinkhole of hypocrisy and greedy cynicism upon the world and actually believed people would see it as a selfless endeavor to protect consumer choice.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce Real's latest contribution to our plot line: FreedomOfMusicChoice.org. Like we said, it's only the laughter than keeps us from retching.

What's so funny, you ask?
Also well worth checking out on any topic, but especially this one, is John Gruber's opinion over at daringfireball, on the brouhaha as things stood before RealNetworks launched their propoganda web site, and more importantly on how it relates to Macintosh history.

Random news commentary

Why am I not in the least bit surprised that the unspeakable cretin took the easy way out? If there really is a Hell, I hope it makes him pay more than anyone.

With that out of the way, I've heard a lot of commentary regarding Apple's licensing of the iPod to HP. Via the excellent daringfireball, I present to you the most coherent and thorough interpretation of this deal, and what it means to the major industry players.

Somebody in lj_biz linked to an MSNBC article containing an excerpt of a New York Times article about blogging in general. The article mentions LiveJournal a few times before the reporter interviews a 15-year old Blurty user. The first thing that came to mind was what a beautiful way this was of publicising a blatant violation of Blurty's Terms of Service. (Blurty routinely suspends users under 18 years of age.) All in all, highly amusing.

I was intrigued to read an article on ars_technica regarding Sony's future plans for the MiniDisc. When NetMD players first came out I was all set to replace my MZ-R55 with one of those, until I found out they were crippled by the lack of decent Mac compatibility and, more importantly, the utter lack of ability to transfer audio from MiniDisc to PC, at the speeds enjoyed by transfers going the other way. Hi-MD should remove the latter restriction, and (hope springs eternal) support the Macintosh; it might be too late for me, though, as I'd already prefer Griffin's iTalk now I have my iPod.

It's not technically news, but while I love my Mac and I love being a Mac user, no degree of love would tempt me to get a tattoo. (One or two images not safe for work.)

I ask you, who needs an external news aggregator when you have LiveJournal?

Trying to think positive thoughts

(Amidst the looming exams and dissertation deadline, that is.)

Thanks to everyone who's filled out my first poll, and to those who haven't yet done so, you still can whoever you are. Some of you suggested using syn points to subscribe to cartoons, which I asked you to exclude from your answer since I can already pull many if not all of them using dailystrips. As for the others, I'll have a look at those before long.

Thanks also for the suggestions on custom styles. I started out doing my first style in S1, but with some persuasion from crschmidt I started work on porting it to S2. It was a bit of an uphill struggle at first learning all the programming required, but I think I have it sorted thanks to some helpful pointers, notably from jproulx. I'll hold off until after my exams before finishing it and cleaning it up. Who knows, with a little luck it may become a system style, available to every user.

On an unrelated note, I have a birthday coming up in just over a month. Which reminds me, earenwe, what do you want for yours?

As this birthday's a sort of special one for me, Mum has decided that I'm entitled to an expensive present. Considering the fact that many parents buy their children cars for this particular birthday (or even earlier), and I don't plan on getting my licence for years to come, she's come to the conclusion that a maxed-out 30GB iPod is a reasonable benchmark, should I want one. I'm not 100% sure that I do, though.

While it would be undoubtedly cool to own an iPod, be able to use it has an external Hard Drive and listen to my music collection on the move (especially attractive given the awful state of daytime radio here; I could even download recorded copies of the superior night-time shows and listen to them during the daytime) I'm not sure buying an iPod is the right move, considering I'm already in the market for a new PowerBook, which will cost a lot more in the long run.

Can any of you help me decide on what to get? Either you can somehow convince me that the iPod is a really worthwhile purchase that can't wait until next year, or you can suggest other similarly expensive presents I might prefer. Either way, I'd appreciate as much feedback as possible.