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It's official: I'm a contributor!

I'm almost lost for words, but this ties in with what I've been doing lately.

LJ's new style system, S2, is a dream come true for code geeks like me who disliked the uniformity of the existing Edit Style page. Unfortunately, for ordinary paid users who want to create their own custom S2 styles, the language is a bitch to learn without much help and guidance, so I've already helped newly-made friends like ursamajor S2ify their journals. If any of you want help in doing the same, I'll think about helping you. No guarantees, though.

S2's been in beta for more than a year now, and it's only in the past six months or so that it's really started to take off with the new S2-only styles and features. As it's close to being finished, us support monkeys are now expected to support its use, and we can't easily do that without having a bunch of FAQs available to chuck at users who ask silly questions without looking at the FAQ first.

I never imagined when I joined LiveJournal that I'd end up writing a bunch of these new FAQs.

Everybody on LJ reliably informs me it's Friday...

Yet more LJ fun. Will it ever end?

bradfitz's latest post in news reveals that the global Latest Posts feature has been resurrected. If the Random LJ link in your bookmarks bar wasn't fun enough, drag the Latest Posts link to your bar for even more fun!

I've found some gems already:Yes, every word in that last sentence links to a different LJ user's answers. I think it's safe to say that I have way, way too much time to kill right now.

5 days uptime

I hesitate before using the phrases "rock-solid" and "so stable it takes everything I throw at it" to describe my computer since installing OS X, as I'm inherently paranoid that something small will within minutes screw everything up. So, 5 days uptime since I first powered back on after replacing my new 256MB chip. A sign that it's going to stay this way, or a sign that things are bound to screw up within hours? Make of that what you will.

I've had so little time to watch TV this past week, and there's such a backlog of videotaped stuff (thanks partly to babysitting the neighbour's kids these past two nights) that tonight I had to add a sixth SmartFile tape to the five I've been using every week for the past five years. I never thought I'd need a sixth.

I hear LJ suffered a DDoS attack this week. The news item has a brilliant analogy, plus all the info on how they recovered beautifully and compensated their paying users. Good stuff.

By way of contrast, the WebChat IRC Network is starting to suck more by the month. Under the new rules, unregistered users (and even registered users who don't identify to their registered nickname on the server) will suffer from not being able to private message anybody, create a new channel or join a channel without an opped channel operator already present. These new rules are designed to combat mass-message and mass-invite bots, but the new rules are much more of an inconvenience to users than the bots ever were. I can't wait for the fallout when services next go off-line.

If DalNet gets taken off-line forever by the non-stop DDoS attacks they've been suffering from for ages, what's the bets the bastards' next target will be WebNet?

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Hee hee, what a bombshell.

The venerable bradfitz (happy birthday!) today implemented and activated a post limiting system for all LJ users. For a few minutes. Then he turned it off again.

Oh, the furore. Oh, the vitriol. On the poor guy's birthday, as well. Still, there was no notice of this change, and the free user limit was a bit low, so lots of people were understandably a little riled.

For the record, I rate youngvanwinkle's alternative suggestion the best by far. I guess we'll see how this one pans out...

04:45 - Oh, and after ten pages of comments and counting, nobody yet has picked up on brad's grammar mistake. Can you guess what it is yet?