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It's official: I'm a contributor!

I'm almost lost for words, but this ties in with what I've been doing lately.

LJ's new style system, S2, is a dream come true for code geeks like me who disliked the uniformity of the existing Edit Style page. Unfortunately, for ordinary paid users who want to create their own custom S2 styles, the language is a bitch to learn without much help and guidance, so I've already helped newly-made friends like ursamajor S2ify their journals. If any of you want help in doing the same, I'll think about helping you. No guarantees, though.

S2's been in beta for more than a year now, and it's only in the past six months or so that it's really started to take off with the new S2-only styles and features. As it's close to being finished, us support monkeys are now expected to support its use, and we can't easily do that without having a bunch of FAQs available to chuck at users who ask silly questions without looking at the FAQ first.

I never imagined when I joined LiveJournal that I'd end up writing a bunch of these new FAQs.

More FAQ goodness

Before I forget, I have two more FAQ achievements I'd like to report, both of which may be of interest to some of my friends. *eyes foxmagic*

You might remember the events I reported in my previous post on this subject. Well, the ensuing debate resulted in a new policy regarding S2 documentation: namely, the differences between the two style systems will be reflected in the FAQ, but there will be no tutorials on how to actually do stuff in S2 until it's reached its first release version. It's a nice compromise, IMHO.

Because of this new policy (and because of related abuse issues), the documentation administrators have recently implemented my original suggested modification to this FAQ (although I must give finding_helena credit for raising the issue in the first place). More importantly, braindrain adapted my prior first draft of a proposed "catch-all" S2 FAQ; I suggested lot of modifications to his proposal, and almost all of them were accepted. The new FAQ has since been added.

Behold: FAQ #168: What is Style System 2 (S2)? How can I use it on my journal?

*dances the happy yay-I-sorta-wrote-a-second-FAQ dance*
_support, support, bunneh


Yes, I've been neglecting my journal lately. Mostly it's because I don't have anything really interesting to tell people; feel free to suggest topics for discussion in comments. Otherwise, it's because I have too much on my mind and I'm dealing with it by ignoring everything completely. I have however been helping other users in support in the meantime, flatly refusing to take any steps that lead to my obtaining supporthelp privileges in any category. If you don't know what that means, it's not important. On a related note, many thanks to kamara for my new support-related icon. You don't be seeing it in my journal much, but it's fun nonetheless. (Look, it's nibbling at an apple! Geddit? Heh.)

I've seen other people lately go through tough times that far exceed any tough times I've had to experience so far in my life, and it makes me feel somewhat selfish over the number of times I've beat myself up mentally because of something so inconsequential it's not worth thinking about. Heh, beating myself up mentally over unnecessarily beating myself up mentally; what fun. Anyways, props to you all; you know who you are, and you rock.

Taking the oppurtunity to welcome perfy to LiveJournal - the first person I've managed to coax to the dark side ever. Let the random friending ensue!

Finally, to make up for lack of entertainment I'd like to direct you to a truly fun and detailed rebuttal to the naysayers out there who think the benchmarks testing the Power Mac G5 were unfairly skewed. Those of you who already found this linked from the macosx community can rest easy.

You'll have more when I feel like posting it.

More on overrides and stylesheets

It's amazing what you can find wallowing in the vast treasure-trove of information spread around LiveJournal. Through reading the LJ Support Guide, I found a link to a gem of a discussion thread on free style customisation and overrides, which linked to the most inspiring support walkthrough I have ever seen.

macheide is my new God.